SANKEY Experiment

Visualize Your Cash Flow

A sankey diagram is a diagram that shows the flow of some item from one point to another. In finance, this type of diagram is particularly useful in visualizing cash flow. To visualize your own cash flow, simply enter your income and expenses in the boxes below and click the "Generate Visual" button to create your own sankey diagram.

Feel free to use this app to visualize your monthly or yearly cash flow, whichever you're interested in.

Technical notes: Do not include the dollar sign ($) when you enter your data. You only need to enter one income source, but you may enter up to four.

Income source Pre-tax amount ($)
Day Job Salary 80000
Blogging 10000
Stats tutoring 4000
Where the income went Amount ($)
Taxes 30000
Savings 40000
Rent 9000
Car 4000
Groceries 3000
Dining out 3000
Utilities 2500
Entertainment 1000
Gas 1000
Phone 500