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Top 10 Most Read

1. The Early Retirement Grid
2. The Math That Explains Why Net Worth Goes Crazy After the First $100k
3. How to Build Wealth
4. Charlie Munger: The First $100,000 is a B*tch
5. I Just Quit My Job
6. A Modern Approach to Financial Independence
7. The Three Circles of Wealth Creation
8. Some Thoughts on Having No Salary
9. Build a Workforce. Don’t Build a Workload.
10. Attract Money by Creating Value for a Specific Audience


August 6 – The Ad Revenue Grid

July 13 – Attract Money by Creating Value for a Specific Audience

March 26 – The 5-Hour Workday

January 31 – The Math That Explains How to Get Rich with Websites


December 27 – My 2020 Annual Review

October 28 – 10 Insights From 10 Financial Charts

October 21 – How Often Does the Stock Market Deliver Average Returns?

October 14 – Should You Invest in Emerging Markets?

October 7 – Goodhart’s Law: Be Careful What You Measure

September 30 – The Opposite of the Latte Factor

September 23 – Investing is About Absolute Numbers, Not Percentages

September 16 – How to Apply Zipf’s Law to Your Finances

September 9 – My Favorite Lessons from The Algebra of Happiness

September 2 – SEO is the Perfect Example of Compound Interest

August 26 – Take Simple Ideas Seriously

August 5 – Money Lessons They Don’t Teach You in School

July 29 – The Biggest Misunderstanding About Compound Interest

July 22 – On Playing Infinite Games

July 15 – Actually Helpful Tips for Negotiating Salary

July 8 – How to Live Like a Millionaire Without $1 Million

July 1 – The Road to My First $7,000/Month in Online Income

June 24 – Things I’ve Learned from James Clear

June 17 – My Income Stack: Websites, REITs, and Stocks

June 10 – 5 Lessons I Learned During My First Year of Entrepreneurship

June 3 – How I Created a Profitable Website from Scratch in 9 Months

May 27 – On Using Digital Assets to Build Wealth

May 20 – The Income Community: How to Build Profitable Websites from Scratch

May 13 – Things I’d Tell Myself at 18 that I Now Know at 26

May 6 – The Secret to Building Wealth with Permissionless Leverage

April 30 – The Road to My First $6,000/Month in Online Income

April 28 – HCOL vs. LCOL Areas: The Financial Pros & Cons

April 23 – Building Profitable Websites to Speed Up the Journey to Financial Independence

April 21 – Using Data to Debunk Common Money Misconceptions

April 16 – Freelancing vs. Entrepreneurship: Which is Right For You?

April 9 – Build a Workforce. Don’t Build a Workload.

April 7 – How to Apply “Alchemy” to Personal Finance

April 2 – Why I Stopped Caring About My Net Worth So Much

March 31 – Visualizing Stock Sector Returns Since 1974

March 24 – VTI vs. VXUS: Which Fund Should You Invest In?

March 19 – What Percentage of Your Portfolio Should Be in Cash?

March 17 – 8 Thoughts on Stocks & Coronavirus

March 10 – The Three Circles of Wealth Creation

March 5 – Why Does The Stock Market Go Up Over Time?

March 3 – How to Handle a Potential Stock Market Crash

February 27 – Why Poor Investment Returns Early On in Your Financial Journey Could be a Blessing in Disguise

February 25 – The Hardest Thing Tends to Be the Most Important Thing

February 20 – Every $1 You Invest Now Will Be Worth $7.61 in 30 Years

February 18 – Do You Need a 9-5 Job to Have a Social Circle?

February 13 – Lessons in Entrepreneurship: How to Calculate Self-Employment Tax

February 6 – REITs vs. Rental Properties: Which is Better?

February 4 – Five Steps to Optimize Your Finances

January 30 – On Buying Cash Cows & Building Empires

January 23 – On Self-Employment: Taxes, Health Care, & Productivity

January 16 – Some Thoughts on Having No Salary

January 14 – What is Barista FIRE?

January 9 – A Guide to Creating a Four Fund Portfolio

January 7 – Is College Still Worth It? Here’s What the Data Says.

January 2 – Visualizing Stress vs. Salary for 600+ Occupations


December 26 – A Modern Approach to Financial Independence

December 20 – The 50 Coolest Things I Read & Watched in 2019

December 13 – Stock Returns: Small Cap vs. Mid Cap vs. Large Cap

December 11 – VT vs. VTI: Which Index Fund Should You Invest In?

December 9 – Why Investing in Websites Can Be Lucrative

December 6 – Build Wealth with Lazy Portfolios

December 4 – Visualizing Income Percentiles in the United States

December 2 – Chop Wood, Carry Water: How to Find Fulfillment in Being

November 29 – Should You Buy Stocks Now or Wait?

November 27 – The Value of Setting Mid-Term Goals

November 25 – Understanding The Three Types Of Income

November 23 – Goodhart’s Law: Be Careful What You Measure

November 22 – How (And Why) To Calculate Your Liquid Net Worth

November 20 – 19 Income Producing Assets to Build Wealth

November 18 – 5 Reasons to Start a Passion Project

November 15 – How (and Why) To Simplify Your Life

November 12 – The Easiest Way to Satisfy the Feeling of “Fernweh”

November 11 – Rich Dad Poor Dad: The Best Summary

November 8 – 9 Personal Finance Lessons I’ve Learned on Reddit

November 6 – Strategy vs. Tactics: Why You Need Both to Get What You Want in Life

November 4 – Why Money is Everything

November 1 – The Complete Guide to VTSAX

October 30 – Living Stingy vs. Living Frugally: The Key Difference

October 25 – A Guide to FIRECalc: My Favorite Retirement Calculator

October 24 – VOO vs. VOOG vs. VOOV: What’s the Difference?

October 22 – The Paradox of Choice: Why Complete Freedom Can Be Paralyzing

October 21 – M1 Finance: My Preferred Platform for Investing in Individual Stocks

October 14 – Should You Rebalance Your Portfolio?

October 11 – Are REITs and Stocks Correlated?

October 9 – How to Save $1 Million in 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 Years

October 3 – Realistic Ways to Make $2,000 Fast

September 26 – Investing in Socially Responsible Stocks vs. Sin Stocks

September 23 – The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Slow FI

September 21 – VOO vs. VFIAX: What’s the Difference?

September 19 – Three Life Lessons from “How to Do Nothing”

September 17 – My Online Income Journey: From $0 to $3k/month and Beyond

September 13 – My Three Biggest Takeaways from FinCon 2019

September 12 – VYM vs. VIG: Which Dividend ETF is Better?

September 10 – The Ivy Lee Method: A Daily Routine to Maximize Productivity

September 6 – The Connection Between Zen and Personal Finance

September 3 – Is Blogging a Realistic Way to Earn a Full-Time Living?

September 2 – September 2019 Financial Update

August 30 – FI Tracker: An App That Tracks Your Progess Towards Financial Independence

August 29 – Life Outside the 9-5

August 23 – Why I Traded a High Income with Low Growth for a Low Income with High Growth

August 21 – What Exactly is Lean FIRE? A Minimalist Approach to Financial Independence

August 15 – First Principles Thinking: Should You Invest in a 401(k)?

August 9 – Why Stock Market Volatility Doesn’t Faze Me

August 8 – The Optimal Amount of Time to Spend Working Each Day, According to Research

August 7 – How to Gain a Better Understanding of the Things That Bring You Joy

August 5 – When Work Feels Like Play, Retiring Doesn’t Make Sense

August 3 – VTSAX vs. VFIAX: Which Index Fund is Better?

August 2 – How Much Should You Spend on Trips?

July 31 – Why Fast Growth is a Myth

July 30 – Can the Previous Decade of Stock Market Returns Predict Future Returns?

July 29 – What if You Only Bought Stocks After the Market Had a Down Year?

July 26 – 10 Thoughts on Work & Life After One Month of Quitting My Job

July 25 – Articles That Have Had a Profound Impact on My Life

July 24 – How to Increase Your Income Indefinitely

July 22 – Introducing Simple SEO for Bloggers

July 19 – The Nerdy Math I Used to Decide Where I Should Live

July 18 – Why Amber Quit Her Corporate Job to Start a Franchise Business

July 15 – The Longer I’m Away From Corporate Life, the More Ridiculous a 9-5 Schedule Seems.

July 15 – The 30 Best Items to Flip for Profit

July 12 – Compound Interest Sucks Early On. Here’s How to Get Around That Problem.

July 11 – I Miss the Old Rockstar Finance Site…So I’m Building My Own

July 10 – The Permanent Portfolio: An Investment Allocation that Offers a Smooth Ride

July 9 – VEU vs. VXUS: Which International Fund Should You Invest In?

July 8 – The Math That Explains My Decision to Quit My Job

July 5 – The Regret Minimization Framework: How to Make Tough Life Decisions

July 3 – How Much Money is Enough?

July 2 – I Just Quit My Job

July 1 – July 2019 Financial Update

June 27 – How These Three Side Hustles can Buy You Freedom

June 26 – An Inside Look at My Data Scientist Interview Process

June 22 – How to Build Wealth

June 18 – How Much Should You Spend on Groceries?

June 14 – Mint vs. Personal Capital: Which Money App is Best?

June 13 – How Much Should You Spend on Housing?

June 12 – VOO vs. VTI: Which Index Fund is Better?

June 11 – VTI vs. VTSAX: What’s the Difference?

June 10 – What is Coast FIRE?

June 6 – How I’m Buying Back My Time Before I Achieve Financial Independence

June 3 – Should You Invest Internationally?

May 30 – Visualizing the Insane Impact of Compound Interest in the Latter Half of a 20-Year Investment Journey

May 27 – Elements of Freedom: An ebook

May 24 – Visualizing the Impact that Active Income Has on the Journey to Financial Independence

May 22 – Here’s How Much Investment Returns Have Mattered in Each Decade Since 1930

May 18 – Do You Actually Have to Start Early to End Rich?

May 15 – The Occupations Expected to Grow the Most (and Least) by 2026

May 10 – How to Improve Your Marathon Time & Your Finances

May 8 – Happiness Comes from Striving, Not from Arriving

April 29 – Naval Ravikant on How to Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky)

April 24 – Why I’m No Longer Trying to Save Enough Money to Never Work Again

April 19 – Advice on Saving & Investing in Your 20s

April 16 – A Simple Way to Improve Investment Returns

April 11 – The 4% Rule Only Offers One Way to Cover Your Expenses

April 9 – Savings Goal Calculator

April 4 – Why Owning Assets is Better than Having Job Experience

April 1 – April 2019 Financial Update

March 26 – If You Can Nail Your Housing Expenses, You Can Mess Up in a Lot of Other Areas

March 22 – Some Numbers to Think About

March 19 – A Career Database to Help You Explore Potential Career Paths

March 15 – Why I Can’t Imagine Enjoying Any Corporate Job

March 12 – Three Fascinating Stories from Redditors on Earning Income in Unique Ways

March 9 – Visualizing Individual & Household Incomes in Each U.S. State

March 7 – Visualizing Median Household Income in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

March 5 – First, Show up.

March 1 – March 2019 Financial Update

February 27 – How to Think About the Role the Stock Market Plays in Your Finances

February 25 – Visualizing Occupations that Pay $50k+ that Only Require an Associates Degree

February 23 – Here’s How 18 Different Portfolios Have Performed Since 1970

February 21 – Examining the Role That Financial Independence Plays in Living a Good Life

February 15 – There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Job

February 13 – Visualizing the Best & Worst Investment Periods in History

February 11 – The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

February 9 – Buy Things & Build Things That Pay You Monthly

February 7 – The Amount You Invest Often Matters More Than the Returns You Earn

February 4 – Money & Life Advice I Wish I Had Received at Age 18

February 2 – February 2019 Financial Update

January 31 – Why Living Like a Student Has a Massive Impact on Your Long-term Wealth

January 29 – Learning to Want the Right Things

January 26 – The Importance of Sleep on Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness

January 24 – The Math That Explains Why Lifestyle Inflation is a Wealth Killer

January 22 – How Much Can You Reasonably Expect to Save in 10 Years?

January 19 – The Benefits of EAI: Enjoyable Active Income

January 17 – The Coolest Things I Learned in 2018

January 14 – Rich Habits: Ask For What You Want

January 11 – A Simple Chart to Visualize Your Income & Expenses

January 9 – Here’s How the Stock Market Has Historically Performed After a Down Year

January 7 – Retirement is a Human Invention

January 5 – The Financial Importance of Knowing Thyself

January 3 – The Harder a Skill is to Learn, the More Income You Can Earn


December 28 – My 2018 Annual Review

December 26 – Overcoming the Trough of Sorrow

December 24 – Will the S&P 500 Ever Be This Low Again?

December 19 – Visualizing the Counties with the Highest Median Household Incomes in Each State

December 17 – I Tracked How I Used the Rooms in My Apartment for Two Days. Here Are My Results.

December 14 – How to Become a Data Scientist

December 12 – The Adjustable Early Retirement Grid

December 10 – Do You Need a High Income to Achieve Financial Independence?

December 8 – The Personal Finance Correlation Matrix

December 7 – The Things That Bring Me Joy Only Need to Make Sense to Me, Not You

December 6 – Childcare is More Expensive Than College in 28 U.S. States

December 4 – A Fun Analysis: How Much Do White House Employees Make?

November 29 – 13 Ways to Increase Your Odds of Landing an Interview (According to Data)

November 27 – Comparing Data Scientist Salaries and Cost of Living in Different U.S. Cities

November 26 – Is U.S. Middle Class Income Actually Stagnating?

November 24 – How to Create Your Own Investment Returns

November 23 – Should You Move to a New City to Increase Your Income?

November 21 – Visualizing Stock Market Returns in 23 Different Countries

November 20 – Not Wanting Something Is as Good as Having It

November 19 – Visualizing Median Home Prices in 100 U.S. Cities

November 17 – Visualizing the Income of Americans by Age

November 15 – Lessons Learned from “Big Country” Bryant Reeves on Money, Happiness, and Work

November 14 – Here’s How the S&P 500 Has Performed Since 1928

November 13 – Individual Income Percentiles in the U.S. Visualized as 100 Tiny Blocks

November 12 – S&P 500 vs. Nasdaq 100: Which Index is Better?

November 9 – Starting a Disc Golf Company: An Interview with Cody from Fly to FI

November 8 – Buying Gym Clothing is Easy. Lifting Weights is Hard.

November 7 – Earning Hundreds per Month Selling Graphic Designs: An Interview with Dave from Accidental FIRE

November 6 – Here’s How Much You Must Earn Over Your Lifetime to Become Financially Independent

November 5 – Becoming a Full-Time Freelance Writer: An Interview with Kenzi from Kenzi Writes

November 2 – Visualizing Annual S&P 500 Sector Returns Since 2005

October 30 – Is Net Worth the Wrong Metric to Track?

October 27 – Visualizing the Returns of U.S. Stocks, International Stocks, and U.S. Bonds Since 1987: Part 1

October 25 – Visualizing Asset Class Returns Since the Year 2000

October 23 – 20 New Places in 20 Days (And Why Your City Might Be Cooler Than You Think)

October 20 – Here’s How Different Stock/Bond Allocations Have Performed Since 1926

October 18 – The Success Formula

October 15 – On Overcoming Procrastination, Writer’s Block, and Impostor Syndrome

October 13 – How to Think About Market Drops

October 9 – Life & Money Advice for a 21-year-old Reader

October 8 – The Relationship Between Compound Interest and Time

October 6 – For Most Americans, the Best Way to Spend Less is to Minimize the “Big Three” Expenses

October 4 – My Four Biggest Takeaways from FinCon 2018

September 29 – “I Make $130k Per Year But I Hate My Job. Help!”

September 25 – Eight Life and Money Lessons I Have Learned so Far in My 20s

September 24 – Visualizing Population Size vs. Household Income in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

September 22 – Why I Don’t Set Goals

September 18 – How I Got Into Data Science

September 17 – The Math & Psychology Behind Lump Sum vs. Dollar-Cost Average Investing

September 15 – Should You Invest When the Stock Market is at an All-time High?

September 13 – The Power of Aggregating Tiny Gains

September 11 – How I Think About Spending Money: “Steady” vs. “Wobbly” Expenses

September 10 – Visualizing Annual Income by Level of Education in all 3,000 + U.S. Counties

September 8 – Visualizing One-Bedroom and Two-Bedroom Rent Prices in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

September 7 – Most Individual Stocks Underperform Index Funds

September 6 – Market Returns = Out of Your Control. Your Savings Rate = In Your Control.

September 5 – Visualizing Median Rent as a Percentage of Income in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

September 4 – The S&P 500 Investment Return Calculator

September 3 – Welcome to My (Second-Ever) Apartment

September 2 – Relentlessly Prune Bullshit

August 30 – The Math that Explains Why Increasing Your Investment Amount Each Year Can Have a Massive Impact on Your Net Worth

August 28 – Counties in the U.S. with Surprisingly High Household Incomes

August 25 – The Excel Template Pack: How to Build Any Visual You Want With Excel

August 24 – Success is a Sprint. Here’s Why.

August 23 – Here’s Why I Take a Freezing Cold Shower Every Morning

August 22 – This is How Influence Works: 6 Secrets from Research

August 21 – Visualizing $200k+ Income Households in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

August 18 – Visualizing the Impact of Contributions vs. Investment Returns

August 16 – My Firsthand Experience Learning a Programming Language for My Day Job

August 14 – Here’s How Much You Needed to Invest Since 2000 to Have Become a Millionaire By Now

August 13 – On Using My Interests to Pursue Income, Mastery, and Enjoyment

August 11 – Visualizing the Median Household Income in Over 25,000 Cities Across the U.S.

August 9 – Visualizing Median Household Incomes in All 50 States

August 8 – This Calculator Tells You How Long You Need to Save Before You Can Retire

August 7 – The Cobra Effect and the Paradox of Saving Money vs. Accruing Happiness

August 6 – The Myth of “Naturally Gifted”

August 4 – Answers to Your Questions: How Did I Save $100k in 2 Years?

August 2 – How I Saved $100,000 By Age 24

July 30 – Visualizing the Market Caps of the Largest vs. the Smallest Stocks in the S&P 500

July 28 – Visualizing Starting and Mid-Career Salaries by Undergraduate Major

July 27 – Saving Your First $300k Takes Roughly the Same Amount of Time as Saving the Next $700k

July 26 – The Trinity Study Updated for 2018

July 24 – How Many Years Does It Take for Investment Returns to Matter More Than Savings?

July 23 – Oscillate Until You Resonate

July 22 – The One Book I Revisit the Most

July 21 – Visualizing Median House Value in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

July 19 – How Much Are You Paying to Work?

July 17 – Here’s How Savings & Investment Returns Impact the Quest to Save $1 Million

July 13 – The Bogleheads’ Guide to the Three-Fund Portfolio

July 12 – Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be

July 10 – Some Thoughts on Growing Net Worth in the Early Years

July 7 – A Recap of My Life Over the Past 12 Months as Told Through My Nightly Journal (Volume 2)

July 6 – 500 Blog Posts Later: What I Wish I Knew When I First Started

July 5 – Why Investment Returns Combined With an Increasing Income Make You an Unstoppable Force

July 2 – 15 Quotes from Personal Finance Books That Have Had a Profound Impact on My Life

June 29 – The Best Way to Learn About Personal Finance (Hint: It’s not by Reading a Textbook)

June 28 – Reader Case Study: Approaching 40 and Hoping to Retire by 55

June 27 – Pursue Wealth, Not Status

June 26 – On Setting Lifetime Goals

June 25 – Why Saving Your First $100k is a Big Deal

June 21 – Here’s How Long the Stock Market has Historically Taken to Recover from Drops

June 19 – A Simple Way to Visualize My Monthly Spending by Category

June 18 – A Thought Experiment: Comparing 4% vs. 8% Investment Returns Over a 20-Year Period

June 16 – Compound Interest is a Powerful Force…if You Supply it With Enough Capital

June 15 – The Mind-Bending Science of Why Financial Freedom Could Help You Slow Down Time

June 14 – Kai Greene on Using Discomfort as a Guide

June 12 – Some Big Ideas

June 11 – The Philosophy of the Personal Finance Community is Shifting

June 10 – 4 Life-Changing Ideas from Stoicism

June 9 – Insights on Writing, Habits, Happiness & More

June 7 – When Luxuries Become Expectations

June 5 – Understanding the Curvy Nature of Compound Interest

June 4 – Rich Man in the Car Paradox

May 30 – Why I’m Not Quitting My Day Job When My Net Worth Hits $100k

May 29 – How to Write Every Day

May 26 – View the Years Leading up to Your Financial Goal as an Opportunity to Develop Self-Awareness

May 24 – The Savings Rate Grid

May 19 – Should You Follow Your Passion or Follow the Money in Your 20s?

May 18 – Visualizing Educational Attainment & Median Income in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

May 16 – Jocko Willink on the Power of “Good”

May 15 – Paying for All of My Living Expenses With Blogging, Tutoring, and Dividends

May 14 – Visualizing How Households in Different Income Brackets Live Around the World

May 10 – Brad Stevens on Letting Results Take Care of Themselves

May 9 – Compound Interest is Not Intuitive

May 7 – Sometimes the Best Upgrade Is a Downgrade

May 5 – Visualizing U.S. Occupational Employment By Gender

May 4 – Build Something. It’s the Fastest Way to Acquire New Skills

May 3 – A Dollar That Experiences an Investment Loss is Still Worth More Than a Dollar Spent

May 2 – Visualizing the Best & Worst Cities in the U.S. for Saving Money

May 1 – Visualizing The Percentage of Individuals Who Have a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

April 28 – The Perks of Living in a Place Much Smaller Than I Can Afford

April 27 – Blogger Dividend Report – March 2018

April 26 – On Putting Forth Effort Even When You Don’t See Results

April 24 – Visualizing $100k+ Income Households in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

April 23 – Visualizing Home-Ownership Rates in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

April 23 – Visualizing Average Commute Times in All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

April 21 – Money Buys Freedom, But Freedom Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness

April 20 – Some Thoughts on Approaching a Net Worth of $100k

April 19 – Visualizing Median Monthly Rent For All 3,000+ U.S. Counties

April 18 – Six Realizations That Have Added Value to my Life

April 14 – The Tiny Guide to Better Charts in Excel

April 13 – How to Nudge That Person You Care About to Be Better With Money

April 12 – For the Love of the Craft: How One Lawyer Turned Writing Into a Side-Hustle

April 10 – The Financial Independence Grid

April 9 – How Long Does It Take to Grow a Successful Blog?

April 7 – Visualizing Household Income Distribution By State

April 5 – Lifestyle Choices Matter More Than Investment Returns

April 3 – Being Willing to Pivot is a Superpower

April 2 – Can Historical Stock Market Returns Predict Future Returns?

March 30 – Seven Realizations That Have Improved My Life

March 29 – Blogger Dividend Report – February 2018

March 29 – Susan Cain on the Power of Time Away From Work

March 27 – Why You Should Build a Portfolio of Side Projects

March 26 – Everything Becomes Normal Over Time

March 24 – Visualizing Median Rent Prices by State

March 23 – Can A High Savings Rate Offset Poor Investment Returns?

March 22 – Visualizing Median Household Income By State

March 21 – Does Dining Out Actually Hurt Your Finances That Much?

March 20 – The Active Income Grid & The Ticket to a Shorter Cubicle Life

March 19 – Visualizing Average Student Loan Debt by State

March 17 – Saving $100k – $300k: Some Numbers & Charts

March 14 – Some Numbers to Think About

March 13 – My Reaction to Mr. Money Mustache’s Thoughts on Money & Confidence

March 12 – Sticky Success

March 10 – A Recap of Warren Buffett’s 10 Year Bet on the S&P 500

March 9 – The Status Game

March 8 – FOUR Visuals: Volume 10 (Comparing Saving & Investment Scenarios)

March 7 – How to Use Probabilities to Make Better Investment Decisions

March 6 – Find What Works for You and Ignore the Rest

March 5 – The Importance of Savings Vs. Investment Returns if You Want to Go from $0 to Retirement in 15 Years

March 3 – Here’s How Important Investment Returns Have Been Historically

March 2 – FOUR Visuals: Volume 9 (Millionaire Age Calculator)

March 2 – Buy Less Stuff. Buy More Assets.

February 27 – It’s All About Perspective

February 25 – Visualizing the Cost of Living in 540 Cities Around the World

February 24 – A Simple Guide to Sequence of Return Risk

February 23 – Visualizing Annual Expenses With Tiny Blocks

February 20 – The Beauty of Long-term Vision

February 19 – Visualizing the Dividend Income of 100+ Financial Bloggers

February 17 – Here’s How Long it Takes to Reach Different $100k Net Worth Milestones

February 16 – You’re Screwed if You Don’t Understand Personal Finance

February 15 – The Allure of Ramen Profitablility

February 14 – Here’s How Much Investment Returns Matter Based on Net Worth

February 12 – How Active Income in Retirement Impacts When You Can Retire: Part 3

February 10 – How Active Income in Retirement Impacts When You Can Retire: Part 2

February 9 – Active Income in Retirement Calculator

February 7 – How Active Income in Retirement Impacts When You Can Retire: Part 1

February 6 – Here’s How Far Back a Massive Market Crash in 2018 Would Take Us

February 3 – Here’s How Income During Retirement Blows the 4% Rule Out of the Water

February 2 – Lessons from Eddie Hall and Using Money as a Means to an End

January 30 – Visualizing Millionaires by Country

January 29 – A Guide to the Four Pillar Framework

January 27 – Here’s How “Less Than 25 Times Expenses” Portfolios Have Performed Over the Last 89 Years

January 26 – Two Interactive Tools to Compare Savings and Investment Returns

January 25 – Visualizing Average Salary & Employment by Occupation in the U.S.

January 25 – FOUR Visuals: Volume 8 (Finding Equivalent Savings Plans)

January 24 – Lessons on Mindset, Habits, and Grit from Jack LaLanne

January 23 – Here’s How Savings Have Historically Grown Without Additional Contributions

January 21 – Here’s How the “25 Times Expenses” Portfolio Has Performed Over the Past 89 Years

January 19 – Understanding Power Law Distributions and Their Impact on Your Financial Life

January 18 – Visualizing Income By Age Group in the U.S.

January 17 – The Magic of Consistently Increasing How Much You Invest Each Year

January 16 – The Difference Between Quitting My Day Job With $75k vs. $175k in Savings

January 15 – Here’s How Long it Has Historically Taken to Save $1 Million

January 12 – Visualizing the Average Salary of Professions in the U.S.

January 12 – The Math That Explains Why Net Worth Goes Crazy After the First $100k

January 11 – My Financial Map: A Detailed Description of How I Manage My Money

January 10 – Great News: You Don’t Have to Be a Digital Nomad to Find Bliss

January 9 – A Letter From My 34-Year-Old Self

January 8 – Visualizing Every Dollar I Spent in 2017

January 8 – Patient People Are Outliers and Their Advantage is Insane

January 6 – Visualizing Future S&P 500 Returns

January 5 – FOUR Visuals: Volume 7 (Visualizing Future S&P 500 Returns)

January 4 – If You Have a Long Investing Horizon, You Should Hope for Market Drops

January 3 – The One Book that has Influenced Me the Most

January 2 – Visualizing Stock Ownership in the U.S. Before and After the Financial Crisis

January 2 – How to Increase Your Income: Deep Habits and Wide Randomness


December 30 – 7 Lessons From 7 Mentors That Have Changed My Life

December 28 – My Favorite Insights from the World Happiness Report

December 27 – Visualizing Warren Buffett’s Favorite Stock Market Index

December 27 – Jiro Dreams of Sushi & the Unique Task of Finding Meaning in Life

December 26 – Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Use this Approach to Actually Get Sh*t Done.

December 23 – A Recap of my 2017 Income Stream Growth

December 22 – Reader Question: Should I Keep my Stressful High-Income Job to Reach F.I. as Fast as Possible?

December 21 – Should You Pursue F.I. if You Don’t Have a Passion Outside of Your Day Job?

December 20 – A Recap of My 24 Year Net Worth Journey

December 18 – 5 Valuable Lessons I Learned Through Blogging in 2017

December 16 – Applying Scott Adam’s Success Formula to Personal Finance

December 15 – Here’s How the S&P 500 Performed in 2017

December 14 – Stop Sitting Around and Go Get What You Want.

December 13 – Minimizing Food Expenses: My Favorite $2 Meal

December 12 – Visualizing the Net Worth of Americans by Age

December 12 – Is it Better to Have a High Net Worth or High Monthly Cash Flow?

December 11 – Quitting my Day Job: Being Ambitious vs. Being Realistic

December 8 – Why I Just Invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum

December 7 – A Gap Year in Bolivia: An Interview with Jojo Bobo

December 6 – Why (and How) I Only Spend 30 Minutes Each Month Tracking My Finances

December 5 – If Your Net Worth is Less Than $100k, a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Scare You

December 2 – How Building A Website Helped Me Land My First Corporate Job

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November 24 – Here’s How I Track My Dividends

November 23 – The Secret Behind Rapid Growth: Successes Remain While Failures Fade

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November 18 – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Savings Grids

November 17 – Some Thoughts On Money, Recognition, Contribution, and Predicting the Future

November 16 – The Math Behind Saving Your First $100k

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November 13 – Things You Need to Focus On to Get the Best Possible Car Lease Deal

November 13 – One Simple Truth That Helps Me Overcome Fear of What Others Think of My Frugal Lifestyle

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November 7 – I Want to Visualize YOUR Finances

November 6 – Using the Nature of Human Adaptation to Hack Personal Finance

November 3 – How to Save $60,000 by Age 23

November 2 – FOUR Visuals: Volume 6 (Random Portfolio Generator)

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October 21 – Five Valuable Life Lessons I Have Learned in my Early 20’s

October 20 – Thanks, But No Thanks for the Financial Advice, Tom

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October 5 – A Helpful Tool to Compare Savings vs. Investment Returns

October 4 – FOUR Visuals: Volume 5 (Comparing Savings vs. Investment Returns)

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September 29 – Here’s the One Fund I’m Investing All My 401(k) Contributions in

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September 21 – Kill Complaining. Develop Strength.

September 19 – The Power of Duality: Combining a High-Income Job with Minimalism

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September 14 – You’re Not as Important as You Think and that’s Wonderful News for your Finances

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September 11 – FOUR Visuals: Volume 4 (Comparing Net Worth By Age)

September 8 – Visualizing Every Dollar I’ve Spent in 2017 So Far

September 6 – A Guide to the “Quit Your Day Job” Calculator

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