Copywriting Tips from “How You Can Make $62,723 in Two Weeks Without an Education”

Source: Google Doc

Author: @LAForeverHall

Copywriting tips:

  • Copywriting isn’t about writing, but about understanding how humans behave and using their emotions to direct them into behaving however you want them.
  • In copywriting, narrative doesn’t have to follow a normal story structure. It’s often the case that following a normal story structure with a beginning, middle, and end is a terrible idea. Nobody has time for that shit.
  • Start with your conclusion, the big claim about how you’re going to improve your customer’s life, and only then use the body copy to justify your claims.
  • “For example, the big conclusion is that the CIO has discovered a stock that he believes will triple your money in five years. This is what draws the potential customer in and makes them want to engage with the copy, and hopefully, buy the product.”
  • It’s not the headline’s job to convince them. That’s for the body copy to do. The headline is there to elicit a strong emotional response in them, to make them want to believe, so that they keep reading your copy to learn.
  • The point of copy is to create a mental environment where prospective customers can easily convince themselves that your offering will be useful enough to them to buy it.
  • while it’s very hard to change someone’s mind, it’s not all that difficult to hijack it for a while.
  • If you understand what your prospective customer’s ideology is, and what he or she is predisposed to want to believe, you can make your sales job much easier on yourself by selling their own identity back to them.
  • People don’t want to get involved in anything complicated. People love simplicity.
  • Use short sentences. One line paragraphs are great because it keeps people reading.
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