This page provides a list of products and services that can help you save or earn more money.

Some of the links are affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you click through to these sites and sign up for their products and services.

The Income Community

In 2019, I quit my day job as a data scientist because I started earning enough income through profitable websites to support my entire lifestyle. Join the Income Community today to learn how you can create your own profitable websites from scratch.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a financial tracking tool I have been using since 2015. It lets you see all your investments, income, and expenses all in one place online. It even offers investment advice and recommendations. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and best of all it’s free. Check out my guide to Personal Capital here.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a hybrid between an online broker and an investment manager that allows for robo-directed investing and self-managed investing alike. While I prefer to invest the majority of my money in passive index funds, I use M1 Finance to invest some “play money” into a basket of individual stocks.

The best part about M1 Finance is that they have no minimum investment requirement, they charge zero dollars in management fees, and they allow investment in fractional shares. Read my review of M1 Finance or get started for free here.


I love the idea of investing small sums of money on a regular basis, but it can be a pain to manually do so each week or month. Fortunately, I’m able to use Acorns, a free financial app that took literally five minutes to set up and automatically invests my spare change for me in a diversified portfolio. You can get started with Acorns for free here.


Another dead simple side hustle that anyone can do is take online surveys for cash. The easiest way to get started doing this is by using Swagbucks, a platform that offers a variety of surveys that you can fill out in exchange for cash or gift cards. 

The Excel Genuis Toolkit

The Excel Genius Toolkit is a collection of 17 of my most popular Excel data visualizations available for download and designed specifically for anyone looking to improve their data visualization skills.


If you run any type of blog, I recommend using Bluehost for your hosting because they make it incredibly easy to get a new site up and running with their one-click automatic WordPress Blog installation. Check out my guide on how to set up a blog in under an hour with Bluehost here.