My Financial Situation

As someone who writes about how to earn more, save more, and invest wisely, I think it’s helpful to share a peek at my own personal financial situation.

On this page you can find my monthly income and my net worth since I started tracking it back in January of 2017.

For those who are curious, I track my cash flow using Mint and I track my investments and my net worth using Personal Capital.

Monthly Income

I earn income through four unique websites I run (Four Pillar Freedom, Collecting Wisdom, Statology, Wander Cincinnati) along with dividends from REITs and stocks I own.

The following  chart shows my total monthly income from these sources since January 2017.

Net Worth

The following chart shows my monthly net worth since January 2017:

Helpful Resources

If you want to start your own website and earn income online, check out my guide on How to Start a Blog as well as this massive post I wrote that explains how realistic it actually is to earn a living from blogging. Also check out my course Simple SEO for Bloggers that teaches you the exact tactics I use to bring in free recurring organic search traffic to each of my websites.

For a review of Personal Capital and an explanation of why I think it’s the best free financial tool on the market, check out this post.