Flow Chart: Should I Spend Money On This?


Here’s a flow chart of what takes place in my head before I decide to spend money.

And yes, I usually do eat Chipotle twice a week.

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14 Replies to “Flow Chart: Should I Spend Money On This?”

    1. Funny enough, I have considered buying their stock in the past, but I hesitate to buy any individual stock with crazy high P/E ratios like Chipotle. I can’t get enough of their food though, so I’ll continue to support them with my money!

  1. I’ve got a money flow chart that I made when I first got into FIRE world. This is awesome. Concerned one quarter of your decision making process is about a certain fast food place though. 🙂

    1. It is slightly concerning, although I rationalize it because I spend virtually nothing on technology, clothing, or other restaurants. My “discretionary spending” is almost strictly limited to Chipotle. I’m a big believer in only spending on what brings me joy…and Chipotle brings me an unusual amount of joy!

  2. “Did you have enough time and devotion to saving money that you made a flow chart?”

    No – Go make a flow chart.
    Yes – You probably were already going to save your money!

    Awesome chart!

    1. You make a good point…anyone crazy enough to make a flowchart to explain their spending patterns is probably crazy enough to already be decent at saving money…and you’re right! Haha thanks for the kind words, Josh!

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