Here’s How the Average American Household Spends Their Money


Each year the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts a Consumer Expenditures Survey, which is a massive survey of hundreds of thousands of American Households to find out exactly what Americans are spending their money on each year.

Here are the results of the most recent survey (2015), which shows what the average American household spends on various categories as a percentage of total spending:


You can find the data I used for this visualization here

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8 Replies to “Here’s How the Average American Household Spends Their Money”

    1. That was my initial thought as well. It’s only based on yearly spending and it’s also the AVERAGE amount spent by American households. There are plenty of households who have no education costs, which could be dragging down the average.

  1. Makes sense for the most part. Other, transportation and food are ones which variably have the most potential of being adjusted 🙂
    It’s nice to see pensions and social security being one of the highest though.

    1. It’s definitely an interesting chart to stare at and see which categories are larger / smaller than you may have thought. These numbers also represent the average for all American households, so these could vary pretty dramatically from one household to the next.

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