I Want to Visualize YOUR Finances


I think charts, graphs, and visualizations are particularly useful in personal finance. It’s great to know your net worth, monthly spending, monthly income, and your savings rate, but visualizing all these numbers can really help you wrap your head around your financial situation. Seeing your finances turned into graphs and charts can help you understand your money in a deeper way than just staring at raw numbers.

This is why I want to help you visualize your financial situation.

Here’s what I have in mind: You send me an overview of your financial situation including your assets, liabilities, monthly income, monthly spending, and any savings goals you may have. Then I’ll create graphs and charts to visualize your finances and what your financial future will look like based on your current income and spending. 

I’d like to start a new weekly series where I visualize one person/one couple’s financial situation every Saturday and share it on the blog.

I’ll give a complete example of what this would look like using my own financial situation:

The Numbers

Part 1: Net Worth

Savings Account $4,722 
Checking Account $1,295
Traditional IRA $3,838
Roth IRA  $4,682
401(k) $18,402
Brokerage Account $27,282
Total Assets $60,221
Total Liabilities $0
Net Worth $60,221

Part 2: Monthly Cash Flow

Data Analyst Job $4,500
Blog Income $500
Stock/REIT/Index Fund Dividends $100
Total Monthly Income $5,100
Rent $610
Groceries $180
Dining Out $120
Entertainment $80
Gas $80
Miscellaneous $40
Utilities $40
Cell Phone $25
Internet $25
Total Monthly Spending $1,200
Total Monthly Savings $3,900

The Visuals

Part 1: Current Net Worth



Part 2: Monthly Cash Flow




Part 3: Visualizing the Future

Now that I’ve seen what my overall net worth and monthly cash flow looks like, here’s what my financial future will look like if I continue with this monthly savings rate:

Current Monthly Savings: $3,900

Current Yearly Savings: $46,800

Projected Net Worth by saving $46,800 each year at various interest rates:




Now let’s try a thought experiment: We’ll assume my savings grow at a 5% annual interest rate (completely reasonable) but let’s see what the impact of saving even more per month would look like on my financial future:



Your Turn

If you would like me to visualize your finances, fill out the contact form below with subject “My Financial Situation” and a short message with your bio like “I’m interested in having my finances visualized. I’m 31 years old, married, no kids, work as a software engineer and I hope to retire by 43, etc.” and I’ll shoot you an email back with a template you can use to fill out your numbers. You can be as anonymous or open as you’d like. Thanks in advance for participating 🙂

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4 Replies to “I Want to Visualize YOUR Finances”

  1. Cool idea for a blog post, Zach! I always enjoy the charts and visuals you put together. Your financial situation is outstanding too. Although I’m candid about sharing my dividend income, I haven’t shared my net worth yet. Perhaps once I’m better situated I’ll take you up on this offer. I’m looking forward to visualizing future contributors to this segment. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Graham! I love when people share their dividend income, it’s always fun to watch the growth over time so I’m glad you’re a fan of doing so. I’m looking forward to visualizing people’s financial situations as well and maybe you’ll join the list later on down the road! 🙂

  2. This is fascinating!!! I have recommended you to many others over the past few months and you never disappoint! Keep up the good work – you are helping many more people than you know! Kate

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