Kelly Criterion Bet Calculator

The Kelly Criterion is a formula that can be used to determine how much of your bankroll you should stake on a bet when the odds are known and the payout is definite.
To apply this formula, you need to know the following information:
  • Bankroll – how much money you have available to bet.
  • Odds – your net odds received, e.g. in the field below you would enter ‘3’ if the odds are 3 to 1.
  • Probability – your estimated probability of winning.
  • Adjusted Kelly – what percentage of the Kelly Criterion you want to bet. For example, to only bet a half-kelly you would enter 0.5 in the field below. To bet the full amount, leave this field as 1.
To find how much you should stake on a bet, simply fill in the values below and then click the “Calculate” button.

Kelly Criterion ($): $1200.00

Kelly Criterion (%): 60.00%

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