Net Worth Update #23 – September 2018

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At the start of each month I share my net worth.

I have always found it motivational and just plain interesting to follow along with a blogger’s net worth journey, so I hope readers find value in following mine. I shared my first net worth update back in November 2016 and have been sharing monthly updates ever since.

Here are my numbers for September 2018:

Money Market Funds
Savings Account $15,908  (+$399)
Checking Account $2,100   (-$106)
Total Money Market $18,008  (+$293)
Tax Advantaged Accounts
Traditional IRA $3,902  (+$106)
Roth IRA $5,007  (+$146)
401(k) $33,831 (+$1,020)
Total Tax Advantaged $42,740  (+$1,272)
Non-Tax Advantaged Accounts
Brokerage Account $46,189  (+$4,880)
Cryptocurrencies $1,467     (-$390)
Republic Private Investment $550         (+$0)
Total Non-Tax Advantaged $48,206   (+$4,490)
Net Worth $108,954 (+$6,055)


Here’s a look at my net worth progression since I started personally tracking it back in August of 2016:

NW Sept 18


From August to September my net worth increased by $6,055. 

Yesterday I shared that my net savings during August was $3,158, which means nearly half of this net worth increase came purely from investment returns. 

August 2018 Income & Expenses

That’s incredible to me. 

I have written before about the math that explains why net worth goes crazy after the first $100k, but to experience the growth firsthand is an amazing feeling.

What’s even more amazing is looking back on my net worth growth over the past couple years:

September 2016: $4k

September 2017: $51k

September 2018: $108k

Almost all of this growth has been fueled by saving 60-75% of my day job salary consistently each month.

Recently, income from dividends and blogging have also started to contribute significantly to the growth.

In the last three months I have averaged $987 in income from dividends and blogging alone:

  June July August
Dividend Income $59 $362  $128
Blog Income $577 $1,044  $790

This additional income along with my existing investments is pushing my net worth higher at a much quicker rate compared to a year ago.


A combination of blogging, day job, and dividend income along with strong stock market performance fueled my $6,055 net worth boost this past month.

I managed to save 58% of this total income, all of which was either invested in VTI (Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF) in my brokerage account or dropped into my savings account.

Check out this post to find out why I invest in total stock market funds. 

Since I recently converted from a contractor to full-time employee, I’m not eligible to contribute to the company 401(k) yet, so my 401(k) balance simply grew by itself without additional contributions this month since nearly all my investments are in an S&P 500 index fund.

Looking Forward

Looking forward, my financial strategy is dead simple: continue to earn income from my 9-5 job, dividends, and blogging, then funnel at least 60% of those earnings into the stock market or my savings account.

In the past few months, my dividend and blogging income have been able to cover around 50% of my total monthly expenses. I plan on growing this percentage to 100% and beyond over the 12 months.

By this time next year there is a serious chance that I’ll have a large enough net worth and be earning enough income through streams outside of my 9-5 job that I may no longer need a day job.

Until then, I’ll continue providing updates each month. 

Thanks for reading 🙂

My favorite free financial tool I’ve been using since 2015 to manage my net worth is Personal Capital. Each month I use their free Investment Checkup tool and Retirement Planner to track my investments and ensure that I’m on the fast track to financial freedom.

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10 Replies to “Net Worth Update #23 – September 2018”

    1. Thanks Cortney! The savings account is mostly an emergency fund. I don’t have any specific savings goals other than to increase my overall net worth each month.

    1. My brokerage account increased in value by $4,880 (mostly due to contributions) in one month.

      The “Total Non-Tax Advantaged” line is just the sum of the value of my brokerage account, Cryptocurrencies, and Republic private investment, since those three are all non-tax advantaged accounts.

  1. You are in an incredible position to reach your goals at such a young age! I have been tracking my net worth since I was about 25 years old (34 now), but looking back my lack of income and use of debt just kept me treading water for a very long time.

    The $100k mark is quite a hurdle that seems to take forever, but once you get past that things seem to move pretty fast.

    Once I started earning a high income, increasing my savings rate, and really paying attention to where my money was going things finally started to move in the right direction.

    Good work and keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, SixtyMonths! I really appreciate it. I was fortunate to stumble upon the concept of FIRE while I was in college and I have made saving and investing a priority over the last few years. You’re right – the math supports the idea that once you cross the $100k mark, investment returns start to make a noticeable difference. Best of luck on your own financial journey and thanks for the feedback!

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