Summary of Tested Advertising Methods

Headlines are everything. Nobody will read your copy if you can’t reel them in with a headline.

Results of some A/B tests that have been run with headlines. Winning headline in BOLD:

“Push Button Shave Cream” vs. “Moisturized Shave Cream”

  • (Instant gratification wins!)

“Have you these symptoms of nervous exhaustion?” vs. “Thousands suffer from sick nerves…”

  • (You! It’s a solution for YOU!)

“Would You Buy a 30$ 15$ shirt?” vs. “Half price on shirts!”

  • (Specificity, Clarity!)

“Car Owners! Save 1 gallon out of 10” vs. “Save 1 gallon out of 10!”

  • (Specific audience! Will subconsciously attract them.)

“Would You Buy a 65$ 19$ sweater?” vs. “Women’s sweaters at 19$!”

  • (Arouse curiosity, then state the benefit – big savings)

“Two easy ways to build your sales” vs. “Announcing tune-ups: $12 flat rate”

  • (Benefits beat Features every time!)

“How to stop a headache” vs. “What is aspirin?”

  • (Offer of Free information)


  • Short Sentences. Short Paragraphs. Short Words.
  • No apostrophes! No long sentences. Copy should be simple and swift.
  • Logical sentence flow: A—B. B—C.
  • Appeal to self interest. The best content is targeted at a specific audience and offers them something they badly want.
  • Test a lot of variations. It’s the only way to understand which ads work.
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