Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 106

Four Pillar Freedom

Sunday is for Sharing is a weekly roundup of my favorite links from the past week.

My Favorite Video

Michael Grab has an uncanny ability to stack odd-shaped rocks on top of each other. This video will blow your mind.

My Favorite Articles

The important thing about money that has nothing to do with money (The Luxe Strategist)

I’m not extreme, consumerism is (Zero-Waste Chef)

The gift of connecting with others in the personal finance community (Josh Overmyer)

What you visualize over time will naturally become your reality (Pat Walls)

Live rich, die poor (Tony Isola)

The downside of the FIRE movement is the RE part of it (Fat Tailed and Happy)

Miscellaneous Links I Liked

29 thoughts on reaching 29 (CityFrugal)

The benefits of buying a mercedes vs. a used beater (Accidental FIRE)

Buster Benson has a neat way of visualizing important events in his life. (Buster Benson)

How NBA player Luol Deng built a $125 million real estate portfolio (Forbes)

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