Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 113

Four Pillar Freedom

Sunday is for Sharing is a weekly roundup of my favorite links from the past week.

My Favorite Video

In most time lapse videos, the sky revolves around the Earth. But in actuality, the Earth is spinning through a galaxy that is mostly immobile. This video shows just that – the Earth rotating as the camera lens stays focused on a motionless Milky Way. Pretty incredible.

My Favorite Articles

You should define why you want to invest before you decide how to invest (Calibrating Capital)

The value of international stocks, in pictures (Bogleheads)

The right way to quit a job (Bitches Get Riches)

“You don’t dig up a young tree every time storms. It needs time to grow. The roots can handle wind and rain and thunder. Likewise, a diversified portfolio needs time to grow, and can also withstand some discomfort.” (The Irrelevant Investor)

10 charts about retirement every retiree should see (Retirement Field Guide)

Miscellaneous Links I Liked

The impact of meditating every day (Pascal Precht)

A massive list of fascinating facts about Bruce Lee, from philosophy to martial arts training (Quartz)

Visualizing the reasons behind why people move (Flowing Data)

This monkey can complete an American Ninja Warrior-style course better than any human (Video)

How one city saved $5 million by routing school buses with an algorithm (Route Fifty)

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