Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 117

Four Pillar Freedom

Sunday is for Sharing is a weekly roundup of my favorite links from the past week.

My Favorite Video

Ever heard of guanabana? Me neither, but Robert Moehling sells it along with a variety of other weird fruits at his famous fruit stand in Florida. 

My Favorite Finance Articles

Short investing beliefs (Morgan Housel)

You can’t have a productive retirement without good health. (Humble Dollar)

Shit finance nerds say. (Financial Mechanic)

How to carve out big blocks of uninterrupted leisure time (The Simple Dollar)

Don’t rush to change your investment strategy based on news in the financial media. Just stay the course. (Mr. Money Mustache)

Miscellaneous Links I Liked

Apparently raccoons have been getting drunk off fermented fruit and have been seen stumbling around Stittsville. (CBC)

Town in Iceland paints 3D zebra crosswalk to slow down speeding cars (Bored Panda)

Patrick Collison has a great list of unanswered questions on his site that he’s been thinking about that mostly revolve around life, business, and progress. (Patrick Collison)

A fascinating history of how commuting impacted the growth of various cities (CityLab)

The health benefits of “slow mornings” (Andrew Zaleski)

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