Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 177

Four Pillar Freedom

Sunday is for Sharing features my favorite links from the past week.

My Favorite Video

Add this to my bucket list: Take a train through Switzerland in the winter.

My Favorite Finance Articles

How a teacher built a 13-property mini real estate empire (Coach Carson)

Some cool charts that show how different real estate sectors have performed during COVID (All About Alpha)

The stock market doesn’t care who wins the election (The Reformed Broker)

Data shows that Americans are moving away from expensive cities (Axios)

The economics of coffee in one chart (Visual Capitalist)

Miscellaneous Links I Liked

A glimpse at what it was like to be a Wall Street trader in 1980 (Video)

I’m really digging this artwork by Chris Austin (Art)

A neat Twitter thread on the difference between natural and artificial cities (Twitter)

“It will be easier to try out a risky project if you think of it as a way to learn and not just as a way to make something. Then even if the project truly is a failure, you’ll still have gained by it.” (Paul Graham)

This pint-sized home in Melbourne makes me happy (The Design Files)

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