Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 19


Sunday is for Sharing is a weekly roundup of my favorite articles, videos, and podcasts I read, viewed, and listened to over the past week. 

This week features an interview with financial writer Ramit Sethi, an article detailing what one man learned from traveling in a van for a year, and much more. Enjoy!

My Favorite Video

Gordon Hempton is on a personal quest to preserve silence in nature. I applaud this man.

My Favorite Articles

Our Consumption Model is Broken. Here’s How to Build a New One.

via Ali El Idrissi

“Once we have enough to cover our essential needs, further material gains have little to do with our well-being. They even tend to come in the way of true happiness.”

Not Busy, Focused

via The Minimalists

“It is not enough to be busy. The question is: what are we focused on?”

How Your Day Job Can Inspire Your Art

via John Weiss

“Wherever you are on your journey, remember that there is dignity in work. Even the simplest jobs teach us stuff.”

Happy Anniversary of Getting Fired to Me

via Marisa Kabas

“So just as you can never predict when you’ll be forced into freedom, you never quite know when you’ll be forced out of it. And when you give up freedom for a dream, I’ve learned, you no longer feel like a captive.”

What I Have Learned from a Year of Traveling in a Van

via Vladimir & vladimir

“If you suck … you can go traveling anywhere you want and you still won’t live the dream, you will just continue to suck while changing your latitude and longitude.”

My Favorite Podcast

An Interview with Ramit Sethi

via Chase Jarvis LIVE

An awesome interview with Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You to be Rich. Ramit shares an insane amount of helpful tips and tricks that he uses to live a rich life. I highly recommend giving this interview a listen sometime this week.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading 🙂


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