Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 29


Sunday is for Sharing is a weekly roundup of my favorite articles, videos, and podcasts I read, viewed, and listened to over the past week. 

This week features an article on how doing nothing can produce the best investment returns, an interview with Mr. Money Mustache on success and happiness, and much more. Enjoy!

My Favorite Video

“The story of a rodent’s unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfillment.”

This would be a humorous video if it didn’t hold so many underlying truths.

My Favorite Articles

Making History By Doing Nothing

via Morgan Housel

“When you hear rare stories about mom-and-pop investors letting their investments compound for decades, you are witnessing people making history by doing nothing.”

Rewriting Your Story

via Ramit Sethi

“When I was 21, a family friend told me I should go work at Procter & Gamble for 30 years, then I’d retire with a million dollars. I wanted to say, ‘That’s it? 30 years in a cubicle for a million bucks?’ But he was an Uncle, so I said, ‘Thank you for the advice’ while secretly thinking, ‘Are you insane?’ “

How I Built a #1-Ranked Podcast With 60M+ Downloads

via Tim Ferriss

“The objective is to control your time — a non-renewable resource — and apply it where you have the highest leverage or enjoyment. For me right now, the Archimedes lever is clearly the podcast. I get to interview the most fascinating people I can find, including Rick Rubin, Jamie Foxx, Maria Popova, General McChrystal, Tony Robbins, and dozens of others. I would pay a small fortune to do this. Instead, I somehow get paid.”

Disappointed and pessimistic: planning for life’s happiness trough

via Abnormal Returns

“No matter how much money we have or don’t have, we can reject the idea that we can be Someone Who Matters to the World and instead embrace the idea that we must be Someone Who Matters to the Pack.”

How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do

via Benjamin Hardy

“Getting to the top 5–10 percent merely requires a change in lifestyle. Getting to the top 1 percent requires a fundamental change in your being.”

My Favorite Podcast

The Surprising (Scientific) Truth Behind What Makes You Successful with Mr. Money Mustache

via Bigger Pockets Money Podcast

In this brand new podcast from the team at Bigger Pockets, Pete from Mr. Money Mustache shares some insights on what he has found to bring real success and happiness in life. Pete is the guy who truly sparked the financial independence movement with his blog and I find it’s always worth listening to his thoughts on money and life. Definitely give this podcast episode a listen.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading 🙂


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