Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 32


Sunday is for Sharing is a weekly roundup of my favorite articles, videos, and podcasts I read, viewed, and listened to over the past week. 

My Favorite Video

“I don’t think I’m deviating from a path because there is no path.”

My Favorite Articles

Visualizing the Global Shift in Wealth Over 10 Years (Visual Capitalist)

Hierarchy of Financial Needs (and the Meaning of Life) (Mad Fientist)

How to Use Brute Force to Improve Your Finances (of Dollars and Data)

A Few Charts and a Few Thoughts (The Irrelevant Investor)

Earning More is Not Cheating (The Escape Artist)

Retire in Our 40’s with 3 Kids to Travel the World? (Millennial Revolution)

The Importance of ‘Zooming Out’ (Henry Latham)

My Favorite Podcast Episodes

How to Live a Longer, Higher Quality Life, with Peter Attia MD (Invest Like the Best)

In 1962, Gordon Segal — with his wife Carole — opened a scrappy Chicago shop called Crate & Barrel. That store turned into a housewares empire that has shaped the way Americans furnish their homes. (How I Built This)

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Zach is the author behind Four Pillar Freedom, a blog that teaches you how to build wealth and gain freedom in life.

Zach's favorite free financial tool he's been using since 2015 to manage his net worth is Personal Capital. Each month he uses their free Investment Checkup tool and Retirement Planner to track his investments and ensure that he's on the fast track to financial freedom.

His favorite investment platform is M1 Finance, a site that allows him to build a custom portfolio of stocks for free, has no trading or maintenance fees, and even allows him to set up automated target-allocated investments.

His favorite way to save money each month on his recurring bills is by using Trim, a free financial app that negotiates lower cable, internet, and phone bills with any provider on your behalf.

His favorite micro-investing app is Acorns, a free financial app that takes just 5 minutes to set up and allows you to invest your spare change in a diversified portfolio.

His favorite place to find new personal finance articles to read is Collecting Wisdom, a site that collects the best personal finance articles floating around the web on a daily basis.


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