Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 64

Four Pillar Freedom

Sunday is for Sharing is a weekly roundup of my favorite articles, videos, and podcasts I read, viewed, and listened to over the past week.

My Favorite Video

A two-minute explanation of how fire ants avoid traffic jams.

My Favorite Articles

To Be Successful Sooner, Unlearn What You Think You Know (Camp FIRE Finance)

Consumerism Is the Original Virtue Signaling (The Minimalists)

Watch What People Do, Not What They Say (A Wealth of Common Sense)

School quality might not be the biggest influence on economic mobility (CityLab)

Focus Less on Net Income and More on Net Time (Physician on FIRE)

My Favorite Podcast Episode

Giving yourself permission to chase curiosities with Adam Nubern (RV Entrepreneur Podcast)

Miscellaneous Links I Liked

24 incredible photos of sinkholes (The Atlantic)

The power of reading memoirs (Feld Thoughts)

The math that explains why NFL teams should pass more (FiveThirtyEight)



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