Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 9


Sunday is for Sharing is a weekly roundup of my favorite articles, videos, and podcasts I read, viewed, and listened to over the past week. 

This week features an interview with a 28-year-old who has 90% of her net worth invested in real estate, an insightful video about the relationship between money and happiness, and much more. Enjoy!

My Favorite Video

A beautiful video by The Minimalists on how money can help us do more of what we love, but to remember that money is not the end goal.

My Favorite Articles

How I Went From A $50k Salary to a 6 Figure Salary In Under a Year

via Millennial Money Diaries

“There’s no “get rich quick” way to make more money. Whether it’s getting a raise/promotion, changing careers, starting a successful business, we need to appreciate the fact that a lot of hard work and some amount of risk goes with it.”

Living the 4 Hour Work Week (How Tim Ferriss Created a Monster)

via Deep Dish

“If you want a ton of autonomy and a really interesting life, (Cal) Newport points out you probably need a ton of career capital to invest in it. How do you get that career capital? By building up unusual and valuable skills.”

How a 28-Year-Old Invests Full-Time in Flips, Rentals, & Notes

via Coach Carson

“Take risks and be ready for rejection! When opportunities are given to you, acknowledge them and utilize them. Successful people fail more times than unsuccessful people even try.”

Spending a Thousand Bucks Still Makes Elijah Wood Very Nervous

via Wealthsimple Money Diaries

“One of the only other things that I find I want to spend money on is experiences. Travel, for example. There’s nothing more enriching than travel.”

Develop Resiliency: How to Move Towards Your Fears

via Zen Habits

“When you are procrastinating on the hard stuff, open your heart to it and move towards it. The fear you feel, the anxiety … it is your beacon. It is the place you should go to, instead of moving away from.”

My Favorite Podcast


via The Minimalists Podcast

A wonderful podcast by The Minimalists on how to use material things to enhance your life without adding stress, along with the importance of aligning short-term actions with long-term values.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading 🙂


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4 Replies to “Sunday is for Sharing: Volume 9”

  1. Thanks for sending some love my way, Zach! I love the video from the Minimalists you mentioned! I just finished watching the Netflix documentary including them last night 🙂

  2. Thanks for the share, Zach!

    I had never seen the video from the Minimalists and I haven’t seen their documentary. But they’re speaking my language! Good stuff! I’ll have to check it out.

    Keep up the good work on the blog!

    1. I was happy to share Chad! Your blog is quickly becoming my go-to for all things real estate. And definitely check out the Minimalists documentary when you get a chance, it’s a great film. Thanks for the kind words!

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