The 30 Best Items to Flip for Profit

Flipping items for cash is one of the easiest side hustles that literally anyone can start today and make money.

You don’t need any credentials, licenses, or certifications. All you need to do is buy an item for a low price, then resell it for a higher price. That’s the whole premise behind flipping items for cash.

Recently, flipping has become popularized by the CEO hustler Gary Vee on YouTube who famously proclaimed that anyone could earn $20,170 in 2017 simply through flipping items for cash.

In the video, Gary shares that flipping items for cash is such a great side hustle for the following reasons:

  • You don’t even have to leave your house to find items to flip. More than likely, you have all kinds of stuff laying around your home that you can sell on Ebay in a matter of hours.
  • If you don’t have any items laying around your house that you want to sell, you can go to thrift stores or garage sales and find all kinds of stuff that you can easily flip for a profit.
  • You can flip items for a profit whenever it’s convenient for you. Whether you have free time in the mornings, evenings, or weekends, you can flip items whenever works best for your schedule.

While it’s possible to flip pretty much any item, it’s a fact that some items tend to be more profitable and easier to sell than others.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the 30 best items to flip for a profit.

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Best Items to Flip for Easy Profits

Here is a list of 30 items that tend to be most suitable for flipping for profit.

1. Vintage Picture Frames

Vintage picture frames are surprisingly some of the most highly-coveted items in marketplaces. Often these types of frames are passed down from generation to generation, which means they can be kept in excellent condition. If you find the right seller, you can flip a vintage picture frame for a nice profit.

2. Vintage Electronics

Vintage electronics like walkmans, VCRs, and other items can be sold for a decent profit to the right buyer. Often you’ll find these types of items at garage sales and estate sales. More often than not, they’re fairly cheap which means you don’t have to charge much to make a decent profit from them.

3. Vintage Eyewear

Vintage eyewear is another item that can often be bought for cheap and, if you find the right seller, can be sold for an easy profit. This type of item is most often found on an online marketplace like Ebay.

4. Vintage Jerseys

Vintage jerseys are hands down one of the most profitable items to flip. If you can find a buyer who is a hardcore fan of a particular sports team and you possess and old jersey from that team, you’re in an excellent position to make a profit. More often than not, the best place to find a vintage jersey to flip is in your own home. Check your closets and your basement!

5. Vintage Video Games

Most people don’t realize it, but both vintage video games and video game consoles have a huge marketplace of buyers and sellers. Whether it’s nostalgia or something else, people are often willing to pay up for an old game or console that reminds them of their childhood.

6. Vintage Board Games

Similar to video games, vintage board games are also a popular item to flip. You can find these most often at garage sales or thrift stores.

7. Vintage Kitchen Appliances

Vintage kitchen appliances are another great item to flip, as many people are in the market to buy them simply for decorative purposes.

8. Vintage Tupperware and Pyrex containers

Along with vintage kitchen appliances, vintage tupperware and pyrex containers are two more surprising items that can be flipped for a profit if you can buy them at the right price.

9. Baseball Cards

Baseball cards are some of the most popular items that can be resold for a huge profit if you know how much particular cards are worth. Gary Vee, the CEO in the above YouTube video, famously got his start as an entrepreneur buying and selling baseball cards.

10. Lego Sets

Lego sets are another excellent item to flip for a profit. There is a massive marketplace of buyers out there looking for old school lego sets. You might be surprised at how much you can sell an old set for.

11. Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is practically begging to be bought at a cheap price and resold to the right buyer at a higher price. Since it’s easy to find this type of furniture at garage sales and thrift stores, you can often buy pieces for dirt cheap and make a nice profit off of them.

12. Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can often be bought at a low price (sometimes even free), which means you don’t have to charge much to make a profit from it. 

13. Vintage Mason Jars

Vintage mason jars are excellent items for flipping because there are many people out there who have mason jar collections. Sometimes the best place to find these are in your own house.

14. Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are surprisingly highly sought-after items on marketplaces, especially by collectors. If you can find a rug that is a few decades old (or older), you’re in an excellent position to make a quick profit.

15. Vintage Globes

That old globe sitting in your attic collecting dust might be worth more than you think. Old school globes can sell for surprisingly high prices, making them an excellent item to flip.

16. Car Parts

Car junkies will pay a hefty sum for car parts that are several decades old. Check around your garage or your grandparents garage for various car parts – you might be surprised at just how much you can sell the right part for online.

17. Power Tools

Power tools are one of the most common items that people either sell for cheap or give away when they upgrade to new tools or move houses. Often you can find power tools for a low price and resell them on an online marketplace like Ebay for a quick buck.

18. Antique Arcade Games

Similar to old video games and board games, antique arcade games can sell for shockingly high prices to the right buyer.

19. Power Washing Equipment

Similar to power tools, you can often buy power washing equipment for cheap from someone who no longer uses theirs and resell it for a nice profit.

20. Complete Book Sets and Series

Selling individual books for a profit can be tough, but selling a complete book set or series can be highly lucrative. The best example of a complete book series would be something like The Harry Potter series.

21. Vintage Coffee Mugs

There’s a huge marketplace out there full of people who collect vintage coffee mugs. Often you can find these at thrift stores or garage sales, buy them on the cheap, and resell them for a much higher price to a collector.

22. Vintage Tea Cups

Similar to vintage coffee mugs, vintage tea cups can be flipped for an easy profit as well.

23. Canvas Paintings

Old canvas paintings can be a bit harder to come across than most of the items on this list, but if you can find one for a decent price, you can often resell it to a collector for two or three times the amount you paid for it.

24. Vintage Handcrafted Items

Any handcrafted item that was made several decades ago is an excellent candidate for a flip.

25. Nutcrackers

This may sound surprising, but many people collect nutcrackers. If you can find one either at a thrift store or a garage sale for a couple bucks, you can often resell it for $20 or more.

26. Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia of any kind like bobble-heads and other figurines are excellent candidates for flipping.

27. Vintage Puzzles

Vintage puzzles are another item that tend to sell quite well on online marketplaces. If the puzzle has a special theme (like Wizard of Oz), you can make a serious profit.

28. Collectibles

Any type of collectible can be sold for a profit, assuming you pay a low price for it and that you find the right buyer.

29. Vintage Lamps

One common household item that you can often find at estate sales, garage sales, or storage unit sales is a vintage lamp. These can often be bought for fairly cheap and they almost always sell quickly on online marketplaces.

30. Record Players

Vintage record players can often be sold for several hundreds of dollars on marketplaces like Ebay. This means that if you can acquire one for $50 or less, you can make a serious profit.

Where to Find Items to Flip for Profit

You can find items to flip for a profit almost anywhere, but some places tend to have more items available than others.

Here is a list of places you can commonly find items to flip that are often priced cheaply:

  • Garage sales
  • Yard sales
  • Estate sales
  • Book sales at universities
  • Thrift stores
  • Retail store clearance sales
  • Auctions
  • Storage unit auctions
  • Flea markets
  • Junk yard
  • Craigslist
  • Ebay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Your house
  • Your family/friends houses

Where to Resell Items You Want to Flip

While you could sell items locally for a profit, it’s much easier if you put your items on an online marketplace where thousands of people can see them and potentially bid for them.

The following online marketplaces are excellent choices for reselling items you want to flip:

  • Poshmark – Best for selling clothes
  • Craigslist – A great free option for selling items and particularly popular if you’re looking to sell an item to someone in your local area
  • Ebay – Often an easy place to sell items, but comes with fees
  • Facebook Marketplace – Arguably the largest, most active marketplace for buying and selling items

How to Increase Your Chances of Success with Reselling

Here is a list of a few things you can do to increase your chances of success with reselling items for profit.

1. Don’t pay too much.

This seems obvious, but it’s important to remember: If you pay too much for an item, the profit that you’ll earn when you sell it will obviously be less.

Make sure you do your research to find out what an item is actually worth before you buy it. Half of the success with flipping items comes from buying the item at a low price.

2. Buy what you know.

When it comes to flipping, you can buy and resell virtually any item in the world. This is why it’s important to choose a specific type of item that you know well where you know you can make a profit.

For example, if you know a lot about baseball cards and the marketplace for them, it’s a good idea to zero in on that specific niche and focus on buying and reselling baseball cards since you have an edge in that area.

3. When you find success once, repeat the process.

If you find one particular item to be easy to flip, then you should attempt to buy and resell more of that particular item.

This also might sound obvious, but it’s one of the easiest ways to multiply your profits. You don’t always need to diversify your sources of income. If you find one item that flips easily, just keep finding more of that type of item and continue to sell it for a profit over and over again.

4. Make your item appealing to buy.

When you do decide to list your item online for sale, make sure your listing is high quality. In particular, make sure you:

  • Clean up the item before you sell it
  • Take good photos that show several angles of the item, ideally in natural lighting
  • Create a detailed listing that includes comments on the condition of the item and any blemishes or marks it may have on it.

By doing these three things, you increase your chances of attracting potential sellers.

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