House Values

Visualizing the Median House Value in all 3,000+ U.S. Counties

The 2012 - 2016 American Community Survey is a massive 5-year study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau that provides estimates on different demographic and housing statistics across the U.S.

One interesting stat they measure is the median house value in all 3,000+ U.S. counties. I decided to summarize and visualize this data.

It turns out that house values are highest along coastal areas as well as in certain regions of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Nantucket County, Massachusetts has the highest median house value at $966,600 and Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota has the lowest median house value at $19,800.

Check out the map below to see the median house value in all 3,000+ U.S. counties.

How Does Your County Compare?

The median house value in is $141,000.

Technical notes: This map was created using D3.js, a javascript library for producing visualizations. Code for this visual is based on this D3.js Block by Mike Bostock.