Visualizing Median Rent by State

The map below shows the median monthly rent in all 50 U.S. states. Data for this visual comes from the 2016 American Community Survey.

Some interesting observations:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hawaii has the highest median rent at $1,456.

West Virginia has the lowest median rent at $658.

Colorado is the only landlocked state that has a median rent above $1,000.

I was surprised at how high the median rent was in both Washington and New Hampshire, coming in at $1,056 and $1,021, respectively.

In general, rent prices are lowest in the midwest and highest among the coastal states.

Hover over individual states for more information.

Technical notes: This map was created using D3.js, a javascript library for producing visualizations. Code for this visual is based on this D3.js Block by Bill Morris.

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