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Where Are The Millionaires?

Analyzing the Number of Millionaires by Country in 2016 vs. projected 2026

It may come as no surprise that the United States is home to the most millionaires of any country on earth, with well over 4 million Americans in the double comma club.

It may be surprising, however, to find out that Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom are home to the second, third, and fourth most millionaires, respectively. It may also come as a shock that India is projected to become the country with the fifth-most millionaires in the world by 2026, surpassing both Australia and Switzerland.

In the 2017 Wealth Report by Knight Frank, researchers examined how many millionaires there were in various countries in 2016 and how many there are expected to be by 2026. In total, 89 countries were included in the analysis.

Every country is expected to maintain or increase their number of millionaires by 2026 except for Venezuela, Turkey, and Brazil, all of whom are expected to see a decline. Some of the more surprising projections are for Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam, who are expected to see their millionaire count double and triple, respectively.

The future looks bright in many African countries as well. Kenya, Rwanda, and Cote D'Ivoire are all expected to see their millionaire count double by 2026.

Check out the dot plot below to see the current and projected future number of millionaires in each country. Hover over the dots for specific millionaire counts. For countries with only one dot, their millionaire count is expected to remain the same between 2016 and 2026.

Number of Millionaires by Country

Projected 2026


"Congo (DRC)",600,1000
"Cote D'Ivoire",2500,5000
"Czech Republic",17300,19000
"France",290700	,290700
"Hong Kong",227900, 319100
"New Zealand",98800, 168000
"Russian Federation",132000, 211200
"Saudi Arabia",48600, 58300
"South Africa",40400, 52500
"South Korea",132500, 185500
"Sri Lanka",5000, 13000
"United Kingdom",802800, 1043600
"United States",4389000,5705700