Wake Up – You’re Dying

Right now this very second you are dying. Everyday you wake up you’re getting closer to the end of your life. The fact that you are on this earth at all is nothing short of a miracle. The combination of neurons and cells and tissues and DNA that had to be strung together for you to be alive right now is absolutely phenomenal.

You have the opportunity to live on this earth for maybe 70 or 80 years, which is the longest life expectancy that any human has ever had in history. We live on a spherical mass that literally rotates around a sun and at night we can see thousands of burning balls of gas in the form of stars millions of miles away and we have a moon that orbits the mass that we’re living on.

That’s incredible.

We live on a planet with tens of thousands of different animals and hundreds of countries filled with people who live unique lives and have their own languages and cultures. We have vehicles that can fly through the sky at hundreds of miles per hour so that we can visit all these foreign places and on our way there we can see clouds through a window and we can see exactly what it’s like to have the view of a bird. There is life spewing from every corner of the globe. We have technology that allows us to connect with anyone around the world instantly and talk with people face to face thousands of miles away.

We can do more than ever before in the history of human existence. And what do we do with this short time that we’ve been blessed with on this spectacular planet? STARE AT OUR PHONES 8 HOURS PER DAY AND POST POINTLESS PHOTOS ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND WATCH TV UNTIL WE FALL ASLEEP. WHAT. HOW DID IT GET TO THIS? WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING?

Stop spending money on stuff, stop buying massive houses, stop buying technology that takes away time from you and demands your attention every waking hour. Wake up. Embrace people around you. Cultivate meaningful relationships. Travel the world and contribute to the world.

Start creating. Stop consuming.

Don’t waste this absolutely unbelievable undeserving opportunity you’ve been given on this earth. No one cares about what phone you have or how much junk you can fill up your house with.

Stop spending, start saving. Obtain freedom and start living because right now you’re dying.

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