Welcome to My (Second-Ever) Apartment

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This past weekend I moved into a new apartment. Here are the basic details:

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size: 780 sq. feet, one bedroom, one bathroom

Rent: $878 per month

This is my second apartment ever. Check out my first one here.

Here’s a two-minute tour of my new place (shot on an iPhone 5, so excuse the sub-par quality)

The front entrance leads to an open space layout where the kitchen, living room, and dining area are all connected:

I love the way this area feels so open. I’m also on the top floor of my building so I have vaulted ceilings in the living room, which make the space feel even bigger.

My bedroom has an entrance from the dining room area:

I like to keep things simple in my room. I have a world map, a few plants on my desk, a keyboard piano, a trash can, and a white board hanging up on the wall. The massive walk-in closet is a nice addition too, although I only fill up about 20% of the space in it.

My bathroom has two entrances, one from my bedroom, and the other from the kitchen:

I love this layout as well. Makes it easy to hop out of bed in the morning, take an icy shower, then head straight to the kitchen to make coffee.

Lastly, I have a balcony where I can sit at my laptop, enjoy some coffee, and do some writing:


In general, I love this new place and I have no complaints. It’s a great size, has plenty of windows that allow for natural lighting, a balcony, and a wide open layout.

My monthly rent of $878 isn’t too bad for the area either. Most of the one-bedroom apartments I looked at closer to downtown Cincy went for $900 – $1,300, which is why I chose to live a bit outside the city for a lower price.

My commute to work from this new apartment is only 15 minutes and I no longer have to take a major highway on my route, which I’m extremely excited about. 

I live less than two minutes away from a major grocery store, five minutes from the nearest library, five minutes from several local coffee shops, and ten minutes from the closest YMCA. Everything I need is only a short drive away and the traffic in this area is peanuts compared to the downtown madness.

This is my new home for the next 12 months. Once the lease is up at this time next year, I’ll have to see how I’m doing financially and decide whether or not I want to keep living in the same area.

Until then, I’ll keep providing updates along the way about my personal and financial journey.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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16 Replies to “Welcome to My (Second-Ever) Apartment”

  1. The place looks great ,Zach.
    I hope it fuels your creativity as well as well being , financial as well as in every other way.

    1. Thanks, Liz! Glad you like the minimalist design, it’s what I was going for. I think it will be a great place to live for the coming year as well 🙂

    1. Outside is just the parking lot below. I didn’t want any license plates in the video on accident so I didn’t show the views out the windows.

  2. What a great apartment! Enjoy!

    Perhaps a post about the average rents for one-bedroom apartments across the US? It amazes me how much lower rents are in your area!

    1. Thanks Jenny! And that’s a great idea for a post…I think I’ll work on creating a map for that this week actually. Thanks for the idea!

  3. It looks great! Very comfy. I’m excited for you. Good choice on location. Our time is our greatest asset, and by moving closer to work, you are gaining some of your life back. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Amber! I completely agree – location was an important factor in my decision. The fact that my work and all my basic amenities are so close to me will be a huge time saver, not to mention I’ll be spending less time in city traffic.

  4. The place looks great! One thing I love about Cincinnati is it seems like regardless of where you choose to live, you’re only 20 minutes from anywhere you might want to be.

    1. Yeah my apartment before this one that I shared with a roommate was about 1,000 sq. ft but since I had the smaller bedroom and smaller bathroom, I only had around 400 sq ft. to myself. This new one FEELS massive to me now. I’m fortunate that Cincinnati, Ohio is a low cost of living area and has fairly low rent prices. The balcony is great as well. It was mandatory for me since I love being outside. Thanks for the feedback, Jen 🙂

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